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David P. Stern Guide to Jewellery Terminology

The following serves as a useful guide to jewellery terms and expressions. For further explanation contact David P. Stern London Jewellery Workshops.

Baguette shape - A narrow oblong shape usually used to accent jewellery.
Emerald Cut - An oblong but with an extra facet on each corner.
Asscher Cut - Named after diamond polisher Joseph Asscher, similar to an emerald cut but more square in shape.
Marquise/Navet Cut - Is boat shaped, with a point on each end.
Brilliant Cut - This is a round diamond with 33 facets on the top and 24 facets underneath.

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Facet - This is the term used to describe the polished face of a gem


24ct - Fine Gold
18ct - 750 parts Fine Gold
14ct - 585 parts FineGold
9ct  - 375 parts Fine Gold


Chemical Symbol PT
Is normally used in its pure form

Types of Settings

Claw setting - This describes prongs which holds the gems.
Rub-over setting - This describes a complete edge surrounding the gems.
Channel Setting - This describes a groove setting with no metal between the stones set as a group.
Grain Setting - This describes a burr raised from the metal and pushed over the gems.